what they said for her ..

She fought bravely, in dangerous roles and we appreciate her for her precious help.  Patrick Leigh Fermor, the head of the English Resistance in Crete.

She was existed a hero of the Resistance at the battle against the conquerors, by the day, when the cast of the parachutists began, until the release. Another Mata Harry, of the B World War, which her homeland Holland, 80 years after her death recognized her offer and changed her house in Museum “.

ILIAS ATHANASAKIS  the head of the National Organisation of Information and Sabotage of prefecture, of Heraklion and Lasithi.

She accepted the very difficult role of informant – agent of the English and Greek secret services and it was proved that she was the form of resistance, model of a hero, she was said woman-lad, woman with important ideas who was valorised in the conscience of world. “ Alekos Daribianakis . Member of the Greek Parliament

“She lived in the source, in the heart of fire. She risked thin to thin her life, if her real role was perceptible from the Germans. She played that role marvellously also aristotechnicaly in the tender age of the girl of 20-22 years old “. 

Katerina Nikolidaki, journalist – historian, Museum of Cretan Ethnology

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