Kiveli after the years of Resistance ..

Her life afterwards was marked by years of resistance. Through her resistance and after the possession she met and married the English officer John Pirson and moved in England. However she couldn’t bear the “heavy” climate there so she returned in Greece a few years later.

She joined the Medical School in Thessalonica.

She married the Greek officer Petro Fotopoulo.

She was known as an animal lover and an active member of feministic organisations.

Her last years are connected with Milatos, a village by the sea in northern Crete, which she loved very much. She lived there till she was “attacked” by the accursed illness, that meant the end of her life. Kiveli never talked about the years of Resistance, not even to her relatives or to any familiar person, she did so only when she realised the end was coming. I had the honour to meet her in the last years of her life and I know that she was gone with a great complaint that Greek government  didn’t recognize her contribution in Resistance and in the National and Liberal Fight. After making a personal research, I can say that neither in Greece nor worldwide has lived a spy woman like her , having done so many and important achievements in the Second World War.

Kiveli Sergiou 1921-2002.

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