Her achievements..

n the hero Kiveli is owed the information that they had finished the fuels of Rommel in the desert of  Egypt and also his supply had been delayed for a long .The information was developed suitably by English Intelligent service , and this was one of the reasons that Germans loose the battle in the desert of Egypt.  This meant also the end of expansive tendencies of Hitler.

Her information effectively contributed on the movements of German general Karl Kreipe, so that the plan of his kidnapping was successful. She  was assigned by the English propaganda to propagate in the German acquaintances the supposedly news, after the kidnapping of Kreipe.According to her saying, he was an English agent that defected and followed willingly the Greeks , something that disorientated them. They didn’t go through in reprisal immediately, so Heraklion  and Crete was saved. The non-fulfilment of reprisals was also the cause which gave the big later importance of kidnapping of Kreipe .

She accomodated the English major, Patrick Leigh Fermor in her fatherly house in the Knossos, when he had entered in the city of Heraklion, for the placement of mines in German boats which were located in the harbour. Also, captain Rentel, person in charge of resistance of prefecture Lasithi, where when he was located from the Germans she  led him from his den to the house of her aunt, where she was hidden and  herself.

It accomplished for some interval to inform the organization with signals and countersignals of the Germans, stealing from a non-commissioned officer of Navy.

She gave the information on the course of the German navy from 27 boats in the Liberian Sea that transported martial material and foods to the Germans of Africa and they did not reach their destination, because they were sunk by the English aviation.

She found out on time that Germans as they were preparing their leave from Crete, they had placed explosives at several points at  the port of Heraklion town  in order to blow it up. Guided by the map that she has intercepted from Germans ans she  handed to the rebellionists, the fighters managed to put the bombs out so that Heraklion port was not destroyed.

Kiveli helped many Germans who wanted to defect and in co-operation with the rebellionists she was transported to Africa from the south coasts of Crete.

She also managed to make the responsible of the electricity industry ,an Italian bishop, to leave his job and to guide him  ,with his official car to the central of the military governor ,Andreas Nathenas at the village Kanli Kastelli.

At some time she was prisoned and agonized .Although she was beated without mercy,she hung tough and didn’t               give away our soldier’s movements and positions.

When it became known that Germans were looking fo her ,she turned to the rebellious group of Vasilis Konios ,where she stayed until the German’s retreat from Heraklion .

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